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Meet Our
Founder & CEO

Maybelle Y. Encarnado, BBA, CPC, CPCO

Since 1998, Maybelle Encarnado has specialized in every single facet of successfully running a medical practice. Her experience and professional expertise ranges from medical practice start-ups, business management, consulting, human resources, medical billing, collection analysis, office evaluations, compliance training, as well as acting as an advisor and public speaker for a broad range of topics relevant to physicians and medical practice management.

Maybelle graduated from Xavier University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She also went on to obtain professional training from the American Academy of Professional Coders, where she is dually certified as a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO).

In working closely with physicians from the very start of her career, Maybelle noticed early on that the vast majority of doctors simply want to practice medicine and focus on patient care. They normally have very little time, energy, or interest to focus on the vital business aspects of running their practice. For this reason, Maybelle constantly found herself intervening to “save the day” when independent and group physician practices were confronted with nightmare scenarios stemming from ongoing issues with staff, billing, or poor management that had never been properly addressed.

Maybelle knew that there had to be a better way. Physicians needed an exceptional company that acted as their right hand, their trusted advisor – a company with experienced professionals that would help physicians overcome all obstacles and be intimately and completely dedicated to their success.

It is through this vision, desire, and passion to better serve medical practices that Maybelle founded myeMED Management in 2006.

It is also through her winning personality and ongoing desire to witness the success of all of those that she serves that the company has grown into what it is today.

When Maybelle is not overseeing business operations here at myeMED Management, she enjoys spending time with her devoted husband and two loving children. To learn even more about her professional background and get a better glimpse into her as a person, we invite you to read the below interview!

Question & Answer Interview with Our Founder & CEO

You had a comfortable career before making the decision to found your own company back in 2006. What made you take the plunge?
In short, my passion and determination to help physicians succeed. You see, while the companies I worked for offered some of the same services as myeMED Management, I wanted to have the freedom to implement my own proven systems into helping make medical practices successful. Looking back to that decision that I made ten years ago, I have absolutely no regrets. Our clients constantly tell us that our level of service, expertise, and commitment goes above and beyond their expectations.
How difficult is it to oversee not only the operations of so many medical practices, but also to oversee the daily operations of your own company?
While I would say that operating any business can have it’s challenging moments, I would not use the word “difficult” for only one reason – my staff. I am blessed to have an amazing team of professional and experienced staff that can be relied upon. They make our day-to-day tasks and also those of our clients so much more simple and efficient. Having a background in Human Resources, I am very selective when it comes to choosing our staff, and thankfully my determination in finding great people has turned out to serve our clients and us very well!
Prior to founding myeMED Management, did you have any other entrepreneurial experience?
As a matter of fact, I did. My entrepreneurial experience goes all the way back to my college days when I was put in charge of the operational success of running our family’s business. I handled every aspect of business administration, marketing, human resources, and business development.. I was very proud to help in making our company business a success and learned from its failures as well. Most importantly, it was during this time that I learned the traditional business values of integrity, persistence, and hard work. My parents taught me to treat my client’s business as my own and to do the right thing even when it is difficult. Hard work will pay off in the end.
Public speaking has been called the greatest fear of most people, yet you apparently love it. How does this happen and what are a couple of your favorite public speeches?
I have heard that statistic! I guess I can credit my personality for the fact that I love speaking in public. I am a very sociable person. Also, during public speeches I get the opportunity to share my knowledge while simultaneously gaining inspiration through all of the incredible people I meet. I really enjoyed speaking at a Convention of the American Psychology Association. There I spoke about ‘Credentialing Do’s & Dont’s.’ I also have a great time speaking to future physicians at the Lone Star Residency Program. The speech topic here is ‘What To Expect After Medical School.’
Since founding your company, what is one of the moments that you are most proud of?
My staff and I have experienced many great moments together, but a few years back a long-time client calls and introduces me as a “savior” to one of their colleagues. While I am a very modest person, I knew exactly what they were referring to because when I took them on as a client about a decade ago, they barely had enough patients to survive. Today, they are still myeMED clients and I am pleased to say that they now have a multi-million dollar practice that is consistently growing. It’s these types of scenarios and knowing that we make the difference in the lives of so many that really empower us to become even better and better at what we do. We exist for the benefit of our clients, and it is truly heart warming when they come to understand this and the difference we have made for them.
Going back to balancing many roles, you are also a family woman. How do you master balancing so many responsibilities and how do you prefer to unwind from a demanding business schedule?
WOW – you gave me a lot to think about! Well, I will start by saying that my family is my greatest treasure. They are my pride and joy. I have a wonderful husband who supports me in everything that I do, and we have been blessed with two incredible children that never cease to impress us both academically and in their extra-curricular activities. They keep us busy, make us proud, and they also motivate us to be the very best versions of ourselves. Juggling time being a wife, mom and CEO is quite challenging, but so incredibly worth it. To unwind, we spend quality time together as a family, do one-on-one date nights with each other and the kids, stay involved in our church, travel, and shop. When I have the chance, I also enjoy reading books about management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and customer service.







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