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While many new clients are referred to us, others seek out our services after they find themselves in unfortunate situations or moments of great need. These situations often arise when a medical business or physician’s practice has been let down from in-house staff who they thought they hired to be productive and look after their bottom line and best interests. While we realize that some employees are truly ‘worth their weight in gold,’ the harsh reality of the medical industry is that staff turnover and employee burnout is extraordinarily high. Because physicians and practice owners simply can’t afford to deal with the chaos caused by a key employee unexpectedly quitting their job, outsourcing important roles like practice management, medical billing, credentialing and IT Support simply make the best sense.

Unlike a staff member who often times follows job opportunities or may be interested in changing career paths altogether, our team here at myeMED has a vested interest in seeing to it that the businesses of our clients experience extraordinary success. After all, our own success is directly related and dependent upon that of our clients.

For more than a decade, Maybelle Encarnado, our Founder & CEO, has led our team down the path to success through creating success stories and ‘better tomorrows’ for those that we serve.

“We have found myeMED Management’s billing service to be invaluable in our practice. Our collections have increased 33% since we started using their service. They communicate issues to us immediately, which has prevented claim denials and increased our collection turn-over.”

Van V. Nguyen, MD

Many practice owners delay contacting us for help as they say they are embarrassed or have a sense of shame that they let their unfortunate situation escalate. Others are angry that they were let down by bad hires or deeply trusted an employee who turned out to not be trustworthy. Regardless of your unique circumstances, we understand that these situations can arise unexpectedly for anyone. Further, since the primary role of medical providers is patient care, we completely understand how physicians and practice owners many times find themselves in vulnerable situations.

What is most important is certainly not to dwell on the lost opportunities of the past but to make a better decision on how you will proceed in putting your business on the path to a brighter future.

While we must maintain a certain level of confidentiality in disclosing the private details our clients, we have put together a few case studies that we hope will offer you some insight into how we intervene and the results that we get for our clients. To hear more about us directly from the experiences of our clients, we invite you to visit the Written & Video Testimonials sections of our website.

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We appreciate your interest in myeMED and realize that you likely have many questions about how our services can better your practice. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!