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Practice Advisory Management


Built For Success

Imagine for a moment that your practice was capable of hiring not just one excellent practice manager, but an entire team of experts in medical practice management, no salaries or employee benefits required. It is through years of experience in working with physicians and learning of this desire that our Company’s Founder & CEO, Maybelle Encarnado, created what is now known as PAM™, our very own system of Practice Advisory Management. It is through PAM ™ that physicians are relieved of the great and exhausting responsibility of managing their own practices. PAM™ allows you to take care of the patient, while myeMED takes care of the rest!

To help you maximize productivity and increase revenue, we customize our approach to the unique needs of each practice we serve. Whether you are interested in only one aspect of PAM™ or would like to hire us to completely manage your practice, we are always committed to bettering the bottom line of your business while increasing satisfaction among both patients and employees.


We encourage all practice owners with interest in PAM™ to contact us for a complimentary consultation. It is during this time that we will discuss all of your concerns, challenges, and determine with you how PAM™ can best benefit your practice. During the initial consult, we will explain our process and answer any questions that you may have.

Upon making the decision to proceed forward with PAM™, the first step of our process involves a thorough discovery phase. During discovery, our professionals will identify your practice’s strengths and weaknesses and become intimately familiar with the roles of every employee and how the practice currently functions.

After becoming intimately familiar with your practice, we will discuss all of our findings and work with you and any key shareholders to identify priorities, clearly define objectives, and set forth a strategic plan of action. Our intervention will prove to be key in your practice’s success. We are the Physician’s Think Tank™.

During the implementation phase, our practice advisory managers will work closely with your team in order to ensure that all changes agreed upon in the strategic plan are seamlessly integrated into the everyday operations of your practice.

Ongoing support will be provided to your practice by the PAM™ Team. We will remain in touch with you or any key staff members via phone, email, and video-conferencing. When it comes to managing your practice, you will be able to rest assured knowing that you’ll never again be going at it alone. Assistance and top-level management intervention will always be a simple phone call away.

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At myeMED, we believe that physicians should be able to achieve success and simultaneously enjoy a work-life balance. Our mission is to see to it that this ideal scenario becomes a reality for those we serve.


We appreciate your interest in myeMED and realize that you likely have many questions about how our services can better your practice. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!