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Meet Our
Practice Managers

Competent Professionals Eager To Make Your Practice Succeed

When it comes to taking care of your practice’s bottom-line, you’ll be hard pressed to find a team that is more thorough, knowledgeable, and professional than our Medical Practice Managers. Whether you hire us as an alternative to having an on-site practice manager or would like for us to work in collaboration with your existing manager or management team, you are sure to be impressed by how quickly our practice managers can bring you the results that will make all the difference on how your practice functions.

EEach of our credentialed professionals are experienced in all aspects of medical practice management and have been well trained in the fields of business administration, human resources, insurance, billing, coding, collections, compliance, and communications both internally and when dealing with third-party vendors.

“Nothing is more rewarding for our practice managers than being an integral part in turning around a medical practice and watching it become successful and grow stronger and stronger as the years pass. That’s how we do it at myeMED. We do it with passion and with heart, never losing site that we exist solely for the success of our clients. We know we’ve done our job when our clients tell us how they could have never done it without us and say ‘thank you’ by referring us to their colleagues.”

Maybelle Encarnado, Chief Executive Officer

The difference that our practice managers have to offer can be found in our professional, yet aggressive, result-oriented approach when dealing with insurance companies, as well as our superior level of communication skills. Our practice managers know how to communicate effectively to ensure the satisfaction of patients, staff, providers, and key shareholders.

We are confident that, if given the opportunity, you will quickly realize that hiring our practice managers will make a great deal of financial sense for your practice, as we will identify all missed revenue opportunities and implement our own proven systems which will help to increase both efficiency and cash flow.







We appreciate your interest in myeMED and realize that you likely have many questions about how our services can better your practice. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!